Things to do

We know that you're coming into town to share in the celebration of our special day, but why not fit in a few other fun things while you're here? Here's a few things that Josh and Leigh-Ann love to do:

  • Get breakfast at our favorite place, fido. It's an amazing cafe that welcomes dogs!

  • Walk around Centennial Park, catch some Pok√©mon, and check out the Parthenon!

  • Take a stroll down lower Broadway and pop into a few honkytonks for some music! (There's also an up and coming concert venue there called "The Ryman." We've heard good things.)

  • Enjoy any of Nashville's amazing parks! (We highly recommend Radnor Lake and Percy Warner!)

  • Grab a cup of coffee at one of Nashville's amazing local coffee shops! (Our faves are Frothy Monkey, Barista Parlor, and The Well!)