Travel & Transportation

We live in an incredible world with amazing technology that helps us travel vast distances in a fraction of the time it took our ancient ancestors of the 1970's to do. Legend has it their "station wagons" would take decades to travel the Oregon trail. And that's without factoring in the dysentery. And so, because transporters don't exist yet, here are some ways you could get to our wedding...

  • You could take a flying machine called an "airplane." Tickets can be purchased on many different websites. We like Kayak.

  • If you're traveling by automobile from Columbia, SC, you could follow this route

  • If you're traveling by automobile from Anderson, SC, you could follow this route.

  • If you're traveling by automobile from Reykjavik, Iceland, then what are you doing? Do you know there's an ocean in the middle? Get on a plane!