Wedding Party

Bride's Side

Maid of Honor

Michelle Tedder

Perfect Human. Classy, sassy, and always ready for fun. If, by fun, you mean hanging out with her family dog, Cooper, and maybe one or two other humans. Tops. Michelle has known Leigh-Ann for 24 of Leigh-Ann's 25 years. Together, they enjoy brunch, dogs, and reality TV. Although, not all at the same time. Unless you can make that happen. Can you?


Alexa McGraw

World traveler. Another flawless human being. Generous, bold, brave, also a brilliant entrepreneur and business-woman. Alexa and Leigh-Ann hit it off immediately when they met at Alexa's wedding to Leigh-Ann's cousin, Cameron. Alexa would probably say it was the best part of her whole weekend (JK kidding. JK kidding.) Since moving to Nashville, Leigh-Ann has been lucky enough to call Alexa a great friend, and has enjoyed dinners and double dates with her, Cameron, and Josh.


Aly Smyth

Baker and culinary artist extraordinaire. Aly is one of six others from Leigh-Ann’s hometown (the six seƱioritas, if you will) that saw her through all the glorious phases of middle school, high school, and beyond. From mission trips as youngsters to exploring each other’s cities as adults– they enjoy pretty much everything together as long as peanut butter is involved.


Brittany Smyth

Trailblazer for women! Professional adventurer! Also, professional twin, to Aly. Another of the Amazing Anderson Originals. Brittany and Leigh-Ann first truly bonded playing church basketball when Leigh-Ann’s aggressive nature made its first appearance. (It didn’t. She was terrible.) Brittany and Leigh-Ann love exploring new cities, eating chips and salsa, and being dog-moms. 


Emily Kennedy

A land-mermaid, occasional teacher-of-children, and full-time free spirit. Emily and Leigh-Ann were forced into friendship when everyone in Anderson was convinced they were sisters. (None of that is true. Except the sister thing.) Number four of the Six Sassy South Carolinians, Emily has been there for Leigh-Ann through valleys and mountaintops. They enjoy Mexican food, coffee, and Harry Potter everything.


Jamie Rogers

Beautiful, creative, determined, and one half of the "J twins." Jamie and Leigh-Ann go back to the days of youth group and beach trips. Leigh-Ann has always admired Jamie for bringing color, laughter, and the party to wherever she goes. They enjoy doing impressions of goats and moving to cool places that are way too far away. Thankfully, the fans voted for Jamie to move back to the east coast so that reunions can occur more often.


Jordan Hewitt

Strong, talented, brave, and hard-working. The other half of the "J twins." Jordan is a real life Rosie the Riveter and another of the Carolina Girls. She has mastered the arts of dancing, acting, doing the sports, and teachering. Leigh-Ann and Jordan are always up for adventures and share the loves of acting, dancing, karaokeing, and


Pam Gordet

A Disney princess. Pam is known for breaking into song at appropriate times and for have a party animal secret identity. (As any good princess would.) Pam and Leigh-Ann met in high school, when Pam joined the Sassy Six Southern Belles (Good thing this is the last bridesmaid. There aren't any more names!) Pam joined Leigh-Ann at the University of South Carolina and, along with Thursday morning coffees during freshman year, pretty much kept her sane through the difficult transition to college. Pam and Leigh-Ann love TV, musicals, and having quotes from either for every occasion.

Groom's Side

Best Man

Todd Wermers

Todd and Josh have been friends since their sophomore year of college. (The left picture was taken in the Dominican Republic in 2001. The right, Nashville in 2015.) The position of Best Man suits Todd, as no friend has impacted his life more. Todd's love for God, his family, and people inspire Josh and give him a goal of what being a good man and husband (and sweet, bleached blond hair) looks like.


Eric Putman

In September of 2003, Josh drove to John Wayne International Airport in Orange County, CA to pick up a new intern who was just arriving for his 2 year internship. That's how He and Eric met. In September of 2017, Josh is driving to Nashville International Airport to, once again, pick up Eric! Eric is the most loyal person Josh has ever met who loves strongly and fights for what he believes in. Though he cheers for the Dallas Cowboys, Josh knows Eric will always be on his team. 


Jared Farley

In 2013, when Josh started visiting Todd in Nashville, he actually slept in Jared's bed before meeting him (as he was away visiting Florida.) And as the old saying goes, "If you sleep in a man's bed before properly meeting him... you'll probably have him as a groomsman in your wedding.) In addition to being in the same Masters program, Jared got Josh a job, introduced him to one of his favorite musicians, and spent countless hours listening and caring for him. 


Micah Merchant

Outside of family, there isn't anyone that Josh has known longer than Micah. They grew up together at the same church and, upon both entering ministry, bonded over their experience serving God. That bond was strengthened through many office conversations and breakfasts at Brunches in West Columbia.


Ray McMullen

Since meeting in college, Ray has been a constant source of encouragement and support for Josh. Through travels, vacations, conversations, and road trips, Ray has shown an incredible example of what friendship and love look like. Also, he's probably the only person alive who can tell stories about working in an art gallery and shaping cowboy hats for 1980s glam rockstars!


Russ Bunce

Josh and Russ met at church in 2013 when Russ was assigned to Josh as a greeter at a church membership class. Not long after that, Josh wanted to join a small group and, recognizing Russ' name on a list, signed up for his. Through that small group, incredible life-long friendships were born. Generosity and compassion are exemplified in Russ through ten words: "I got this. The school just gave me a raise!"